Dear Intelligent Advice: Epic Halloween

Dear Adviser, Halloween is coming up and usually it is my favorite holiday and I have the BEST costume ideas. This year I am depressed and can’t think of anything. This is kind of a softball question, but what is the scariest thing you can imagine me being for Halloween?


Dear Intelligent Advice: Gossip and the English Language

Dear Adviser, I am having a really tough time right now. I am a freshman in highschool and I used to be perfectly happy and enjoy my life but recently some mean girls at school (Stacey and Becky) started rumors about me being a slut. I am  virgin and have never had sex before or even kissed a boy or had a Boyfriend! When I confronted them about it they said they never told anyone I was a slut or had sex, they merely mentioned I was out at a college party ALL NIGHT and left the next morning, which was technically true so they did nothing bad and never lied or gossiped. I was visiting my sister at college and stayed the night! Now everyone thinks I am a massive skank. What can I do to change their minds?

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