Dear Intelligent Advice: Sharing is Caring

Dear Intelligent Advice,

                    I am a single mom and my two kids won’t stop fighting each other and share things. I try and explain why they should to them but sometimes, after a long day’s work, I lose my temper and just yell at them that they have to share or I’m gonna get mad. Am I a bad parent?


Mad mom

Response: [Adviser logged on PlatosonofSocrates]

Dear Mad Mom,

One of the greatest ills of our time is the morally intellectually bankrupt practise of attempting to win an argument rather than finding the truth. Just as my predecessor, Socrates, rallied against this practise, so must I and I must say I find your parable one which fills me with concern.

How can someone who is only concerned in their own victory attempt to extol human excellence? How can we strive towards the virtues and greater knowledge if we are focussed on our own selfish nature and corrupt desire for success? The human race shall surely not accelerate under these contemptible circumstances.

As your children seem to have no interest in what is right, only in winning, I condemn them as sophists, and thus have nothing more to say.




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